Wednesday, 27th September 2017


CEO and Chairman

CEO, Tony Ferreri, to retire at end of September

Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services' Chief Executive Officer, Tony Ferreri, will retire at the end of September after leading the Resort for 7 years. He will be replaced by Operations Manager, Trent Curwood, who has been with SLRS for over three years.


Tony moved into his home in Sanctuary Lakes in June, 2002, having purchased his land in 2000 and joining the Golf Club at the same time. Retiring from a senior role with a global chemical company in 2007, Tony was immediately conscripted to the Residents Transition Negotiating Team, joining Ian Brown and John Anderson in the long Transition negotiations that would ultimately see the departure of the
Sanctuary Lakes Developer in June, 2013 and control of the Resort in the hands of Lot Owners.

Tony was hired in March, 2010 to set up Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Ltd (SLRS), then known as Sanctuary Lakes Residents Association, to take over management of the Residential side of Sanctuary Lakes Resort when it was separated from the Golf Club operations with effect from 1st July, 2010.

Around that time, the Transition Negotiating Team was able to obtain delegated authority to run the Resort semi-autonomously from the Developer and Tony found himself reporting, not to the Developer but, to the incoming board of Directors led by Ian Brown and John Anderson. Transition was under way although officially still three years away.

When asked about the major achievements of SLRS in the past 7 years, Tony lists -

  • Completing Transition so that Residents could take control of their destiny safe in the knowledge that there were adequate resources in place for financial stability,
  • Completing the recycled water arrangements with City West Water that underpin our ability to maintain the Resort to a high standard,
  • Renegotiating the City of Wyndham Boulevard and Parks Maintenance Agreement that allows SLRS to maintain the Boulevard and our parks and reserves to a high standard,
  • Bringing Lake Management, the Security Operations and all back office services in house to either improve services or reduce costs,
  • Supporting individual owners corporations when they have been challenged at VCAT and elsewhere,
  • Upgrading the Recreation Club, the Waterstone Café and the Administration Offices in 2015 without any external borrowings, and
  • Purchasing the Maintenance Compound from the Golf Club in 2016 to underpin our maintenance operations for all time.

When asked about disappointments, Tony pointed to the delays in getting the City of Wyndham over the line to support Sanctuary Lakes' petition for separate Suburb status - "Finally, WCC is moving ahead after nearly 2 years of inaction."

The Board of Directors of SLRS thanks Tony for his work as CEO for the past 7 years and wishes him well in retirement.


SLRS is a well-managed company with an effective succession plan in place. Tony Ferreri had agreed to provide the Board of Directors with six months' notice of his retirement which he duly provided in March this year.

The Board then undertook a thorough process to select the new CEO. The board is pleased to announce Trent Curwood, our current Operations Manager, has been appointed to the position of CEO.  Trent, a Chartered Accountant, joined SLRS as Finance Manager in June 2014 and was promoted to a new role of Operations Manager in January 2016.   

The Board is confident that SLRS is in safe hands with Trent at the helm. 

SLRS Chairman

The Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Ltd Board of Directors would like to welcome Craig Pitts as the new Chairman as at the start of September, 2017. 

Craig was elected as Chairman, with Joseph Matina as Vice Chair, after the resignation of John Anderson from the position of Chairman in late August.

SLRS would like to thank John for his excellent leadership, work, effort and ideas provided during his tenure as Chairman.  John has been instrumental in the growth of Sanctuary Lakes as a strata community and deployment of services to the residents such as mini-gyms in parks throughout the estate.