Saturday, 26th May 2018

Recycled Water

Recycled water is now being used to irrigate nature strips, street trees and public open spaces at Sanctuary Lakes Resort.

City West Water is also supplying recycled water to Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club to ensure the greens and golf course remain healthy all year round.

Recycled water is produced at the Altona Recycled Water Treatment Plant using wastewater from households and businesses.  The wastewater goes through an intensive filtration process at the treatment plant to meet the standards required for recycled water.

Not only does the use of recycled water reduce the amount of drinking water that we purchase, it is safe and treated to a high standard.  Parks, open spaces and the golf course can be used immediately after irrigation.

Recycled water is not suitable for drinking, bathing or showering.

Visit for more information about recycled water from City West Water.

Work Schedule

After 5 years of drought when water was not available for parks and Boulevard nature strips, the reticulation system has been rebuilt to meet the necessary operating requirements for recycled water.  All sections of the Sanctuary Lakes Boulevard with an existing reticulation system has now been converted to accept recycled water and is operational.  Throughout Sanctuary Lakes, the system has ongoing maintenance requirements as sprinklers need constant attention due to both damage from vehicles that park on the grassed areas contrary to signs distributed throughout Sanctuary Lakes and for malfunctions due to failure of the operating parts.

There is one park that lacks the infrastructure to use recycled water.  It is the park within Signature (Stage 28) which is a gated owners corporation developed by Sunland.  The infrastructure can be installed if the Signature OC committee raises a special levy to fund the work.  Sunland neither provided the work nor made a financial contribution for this work to be completed.