Saturday, 26th May 2018

Payment of OC Fees

Payment Options

The financial year for all Sanctuary Lakes Resort OCs ends on 30 June each year.  Invoices for 2017-2018 will be mailed to lot owners on 13th July 2017 with a payment due date shown as 11th August 2017.

Two payment options are available for payment of Owners Corporation levies:

  • In full by the due date, or
  • By ten equal monthly instalments by direct debit.

Any other partial or terms payment may attract interest and could result in action at VCAT.

  1.  In Full by the Due Date

If payment is made IN FULL by the due date as shown on the invoice, a $45.00 discount is allowed on the general Owners Corporation Levy. The discount does NOT apply to the Common Property Levy or Maintenance Fund Levy, if applicable.

The discount is only applicable if the full amount owing including any overdue amount from a previous year as shown on the invoice is paid in full by the due date.  Payment methods with details are shown on the invoice.  Payment can no longer be accepted at the SLRS office.  However, as shown on the invoice, payment by cash or cheque can be made at any post office.  Payment can also be made by debit card, credit card, BPay or EFT using internet banking.  Please refer to your remittance slip for full details and relevant reference numbers that should be used with internet banking. 

Payments made by credit card will attract a Merchant Service Fee charged directly to your bank account by the credit card company.  The Merchant Service Fee rates are:

                   Visa and MasterCard         1.65%
                   American Express             2.40%
                   Diners Club                     2.65%

If you use BPay, ensure you use the correct BPay biller code. Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Ltd has its own BPay biller code which changed in 2014 with the change in system. If you are using BPay, ensure that you delete from your internet banking records the BPay Payee biller code that you used in 2013 before adding the new biller code shown on your 2017 invoice. The Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Ltd biller code differs from the BPay biller code used by the Golf Club.  

   2.  Payment by Monthly Instalments

If you choose to pay your fees by ten equal monthly payments by direct debit, you must complete the Direct Debit Request and forward it to StrataPay Pty Limited by fax to 07 5575 7433 or mail the original signed Request to StataPay at Locked Bag 9, Gold Coast MC, QLD 9726 by the due date as shown on the invoice). The first direct debit instalment will be processed on 18th August and the remaining nine monthly instalments will be processed on the 18th of each month until all payments are completed in May 2018.

If a Direct Debit Request is not submitted before 11th August, and therefore cannot include a deduction for August, the Direct Debit Request will be divided into equal monthly instalments (except where for rounding purposes the last payment is less than those preceding it) over the remaining period to May 2018.

Please note that direct debit applications signed last year will be rolled over into FY2017/18 as noted on last year’s notice unless you advise otherwise.

If the direct debit is charged to a credit card, payments made attract a Merchant Service Fee charged directly to your bank account by the credit card company. The Merchant Service Fee rates are:

                       Visa and MasterCard        1.65%
                       American Express            2.40%
                       Diners Club                    2.65%

Please check if you received a new credit card since the last direct debit deduction and, if so, please advise this office before 11th August to avoid dishonour charges.

The Direct Debit Request form is included with the Owners Corporation Fee Notice. It is now available here in a form that you can complete online, print scan and email.  For access to the online copy, pdfCLICK HERE

Unpaid Levies  Unless levies are either paid in full by the due date or a direct debit option plan is in place, recovery is pursued through VCAT. VCAT may authorise interest and debt recovery expenses in addition to the outstanding levies payable. VCAT does not listen to reasons or excuses for non-payment – it issues an order if it is satisfied that the debt exists and proper processes have been followed.

If a VCAT order is ignored, the lot owner will be pursued through the Magistrates’ Court.

To avoid additional costs, any lot owner who has a problem with payments is encouraged to contact the SLRS office by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 9394 9400 and arrange a suitable payment plan before the case is referred to VCAT.

6th July 2017