Saturday, 26th May 2018


Wyndham decides road to South Shore Gardens

At its meeting on 27th June 2017, Wyndham City Council affirmed its 2014 decision that an access road will be provided between Middle Park Drive and The Address Estate.

Council will “monitor traffic conditions in Middle Park Drive once the access road with The Address estate is open to determine whether traffic using the road is creating a hazard.”

Councillors adopted the recommendations of the officers which are based on providing additional vehicular access between neighbourhoods and allowing residents of South Shore Gardens and The Address to share access to Point Cook Road.  One of their key arguments is that when traffic lights are installed at the Sneydes Road corner, a raised median strip in Point Cook Road will separate southbound and northbound traffic and require all traffic to turn left into Point Cook Road from Middle Park Drive.

The decision by Council was moved by our local Harrison Ward’s Cr. McAliney.  Another Harrison Ward Councillor, Cr. Hooper, spoke in favour of the officers’ recommendation.  The motion was carried 9 votes to one, with Harrison Ward’s Cr. Khan opposing the motion.  One councillor was absent.  We do regret that 3 of our Harrison Ward Councillors voted against the considered wishes of residents - hardly the representation that residents expect.

SLRS staff and a group of concerned residents from South Shore Gardens had a number of discussions with Councillors and Council staff.  SLRS Board and staff and residents oppose the Council proposal and do not want the access laneway open to vehicular traffic.  The concerns of residents and SLRS are:

  • Both the new laneway (Glacier Street) and Middle Park Drive are too narrow for the traffic likely to be generated, especially with garbage collection trucks and, potentially, construction vehicles turning at the corner of Middle Park Drive into Glacier Street.  The road widths are not considered fit for purpose and present a potential safety hazard.
  • Residents chose to live in South Shore Gardens because of the lack of through traffic, the ease with which residents can walk to the park and the security that the area provides.  These issues have been ignored by Council which maintains road access is the prime consideration.
  • Residents rank safety and security more important than saving a couple of minutes accessing Point Cook Road and/or Saltwater Promenade.
  • Residents of the northern streets in The Address and the construction vehicles involved in the many new homes to be built in that area will be encouraged by the laneway to drive through Middle Park Drive so that they can avoid the increasingly congested intersection of Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road.

Sadly, it seems that the rights of newcomers appear to be more important than the wishes of those who pioneered the growth of Point Cook and have been contributing rates to the City of Wyndham for more than ten years.  The Board and management of SLRS will continue to support the residents of South Shore Gardens.

29th June 2017