Saturday, 26th May 2018

Which OC is mine?

If you do not know which Owners Corporation (OC) you are in, there are several ways you can find the answer.

Each stage established before 2008 became its own OC which is why we have so many OCs at Sanctuary Lakes.  The Owners Corporations Act 2006 became effective in January 2008 which allowed staged developments to be in the same OC.  Most of the remaining Stages after that time with a total of 1246 lots became one OC - known as the Super OC.

Stages included in OC#1 of the Super OC are:

11 33 Gated 36A 37 41 46 48A
23B 32 36B 37B 43 47A 48B
29 32 East 36C 40 45 47B 80
33 32 West 36D 40A 45C 47C 88


You can look at the Master Plan and identify your lot.  The Plan can be enlarged to show lot numbers.  There are a few errors on the Plan.  Lot M Sandlewood Apartments is on the corner of North Boulevard and Sandalewood Lane and is not show.  The wetlands west of Skyward Drive are not within Sanctuary Lakes.

To access the Master Plan pdfclick here


Phone the SLRS office on 9394 9400 with your address details and the staff can advise your OC.


Look on your Owners Corporation Fee Notice and find you Plan of Subdivision number.  The number will be a 6 digit number commencing with 4, 5 or 6 and will be followed by one letter.  For example, the Super OC number is 511700W.  You can find the Plan of Subdivision number on the notice and minutes for your OC AGM.  Your City of Wyndham rate notice and your City West Water invoice show the PS number without the letter.

Armed with the knowledge of the PS number, go to the table below and find your PS number.  The OC name and number appear on the same line.

Stage P of S OC#
Stage 01 St Andrews Park 401006D OC#1
Stage 01 St Andrews Park 401006D OC#2
Stage 02 St Andrews Precinct 401008Y OC#1
Stage 02 St Andrews Precint 401008Y OC#2
Stage 02a St Andrews Precinct 404770W OC#1
Stage 03 Sandpiper Island 403708H OC#1
Stage 03 Castaway 403708H OC#2
Stage 03 Beachcomber 403708H OC#3
Stage 04 Medallion 401009W OC#1
Stage 04 Medallion 401009W OC#2
Lot M Sandlewood Apartments 506874Q OC#1
Stage 05 Swingers Green 433003E OC#1
Stage 06 Heron Island 412931D OC#1
Stage 07 Grand Canal 417942V OC#1
Stage 07A Grand Canal 417931B OC#1
Stage 07C South Shore Gardens 511024M OC#1
Stage 08 Pinnacle 417943T OC#2
Stage 08 Pinnacle gated 417943T OC#1
Stage 08 Southern Golf Lots 417943T OC#4
Stage 09 Lakeview 416998W OC#1
Stage 10 Pelican Island 423642Y OC#1
Stage 10 Pelican Island 423642Y OC#2
Stage 17 The Ridge Precinct 437326G OC#1
Stage 18 Centrestage 431536C OC#1
Stage 21 Gleneagles 430410G OC#1
Stage 21 Aria 430410G OC#2
Lot S Eagle Court 528573G OC#1
Stage 23 Riverwalk 508305W OC#1
Stage 25A Central Park 501104V OC#1
Stage 25B Central Park 502244X OC#1
Stage 25C Central Park 508291F OC#1
Stage 25D Central Park 506337T OC#1
Stage 28 Signature 511693Q OC#1
Stage 31 Jardin 520557X OC#1
Stage 33 Kingfisher Island 511700W OC#2
Stage 36 Shearwater Island 511700W OC#3
Stage 32B Regatta Bch East 511700W OC#4
Stage 32B Regatta Bch West 511700W OC#5
Stage 46 Sanctuary Island 511700W OC#6
Super OC - many stages 511700W OC#1
Stage 89 Northern Golf Lots 649412G OC#1
Stage 90 Lakeside Central 645328R OC#1