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Petition for Sanctuary Lakes as a Suburb

 Suburb petition 2

The Petition requesting recognition of Sanctuary Lakes as a suburb was presented to Hon. Jill Hennessy, Minister for Health and Member for Altona, on 10th November on the steps of Parliament House on behalf of all Sanctuary Lakes residents by SLRS Deputy Chairman, Theo Krug.  The petition was presented to the Legislative Assembly by Ms Hennessy on 24th November 2015.


Sanctuary Lakes as a separate Suburb within the City of Wyndham

For some time, there has been interest and support from many residents for Sanctuary Lakes to be recognised as a suburb, separate from Point Cook.  The Board has received informal advice that now is an appropriate time for Sanctuary Lakes to put its case.

There are three key components to the process:

  • The residents of Sanctuary Lakes prepare a petition to Parliament to request the support of the Legislative Assembly for the recognition of Sanctuary Lakes as a suburb.  The petition raises the issue with the state government but most importantly shows both the state government and the City of Wyndham that the request has wide support from residents;
  • We seek the support of the Minister for Planning, Hon Richard Wynne, that shows that he grants his agreement to the proposal, which sends a message to the City of Wyndham; and
  • We work with the City of Wyndham to obtain their support for our recognition as a suburb together with agreeing suitable boundaries for the new suburb.

The petition is the major component that involves residents.  We need residents to sign the petition to show the proposal represents the wishes of the residents of Sanctuary Lakes.  The response from residents was most commendable with 2,307 accepted signatures being obtained in just two weeks.  This response strengthens our case and shows the strong level of support from residents for recognition as a suburb.  Separately, the Board and management will prepare communications to the Minister for Planning and will be involved in discussions with the City of Wyndham concerning boundaries for the suburb.

The format of the petition must follow the rules set by Parliament.  Parliament's rules require that petition details must appear on the same sheet of paper as that signed by the petitioners, which ensures that each petitioner sees the request when they sign.  Signatures may appear on both sides of the sheet.  The text of the petition is:

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

The Petition of the residents and lot owners of Sanctuary Lakes draws to the attention of the House the desire of residents and lot owners to have Sanctuary Lakes recognised as a Suburb within the City of Wyndham.

Sanctuary Lakes has been an identified locality for 20 years as it has seen the development of various housing estates, a shopping centre bearing the Sanctuary Lakes name together with many of the shops and the post office within the Centre also using the Sanctuary Lakes name, the Sanctuary Lakes Hotel and the Sanctuary Lakes Golf Links of championship standard. Within the proposed boundaries, the current population of around 9,500 will grow to over 11,000 within 2-3 years.

The rapid growth of new housing developments within the City of Wyndham is well known.  There is an increasing requirement for localities such as Sanctuary Lakes to be better identified, to develop and preserve their community identity rather than be merged as part of mega suburbs.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria supports the recognition of Sanctuary Lakes as a suburb.

The purpose of being designated as a suburb is to enable the Sanctuary Lakes name to be used in all Sanctuary Lakes addresses. Currently, most government departments, the City of Wyndham and major companies such as the banks do not accept Sanctuary Lakes as an address and include all addresses as Point Cook.  Suburb status will enhance the identity of Sanctuary Lakes as a community to be better identified and to develop and preserve the community identity.  Many industries such as real estate have recognised Sanctuary Lakes for some time.

Suburb status will not change our 3030 postcode which we will continue to share with Werribee, Point Cook and others. Sanctuary Lakes would, however, be listed in post code directories under 3030. Postcodes are the property of Australia Post for their use in the distribution of mail.  Australia Post does not allocate postcodes for other purposes.

The suburb boundaries will likely include not only Sanctuary Lakes Resort but also The Address (Stockland development south of South Shore Gardens) and Esperance as well as Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre and Sanctuary Lakes Hotel.  Suburb names cannot normally follow the name used by a developer but can adopt names that an area has been known by for some time.

We will argue that the Sanctuary Lakes name has been in common use for 20 years and therefore qualifies for recognition.  We are proposing that generally the land known as Sanctuary Lakes and initially held by the first developer, Sanctuary Lakes Pty Ltd, be considered as the suburb, subject to some variations to create "natural" boundaries such as Point Cook Road, Skeleton Creek and the city boundary between Wyndham and Hobsons Bay.  These details will be negotiated with the City of Wyndham. The City of Wyndham will make the final decision regarding boundaries.  Currently City of Wyndham is working with the Office of Geographic Names concerning proposed boundaries.

The final step is that the suburb name is gazetted by the Registrar of Geographic Names.

Council Meeting - 12th September 2016

The Special Meeting of the Council of the City of Wyndham met on Monday 12th September 2016 and made the following decisions.

Council decided to progress the issue of Sanctuary Lakes as a suburb with the following actions:

1. Seek community input about proposed suburb boundaries for Sanctuary Lakes;

2. Seek advice from the Office of Geographic Names (OGN) of the likelihood of success if an exemption to use the estate name of Sanctuary Lakes as a suburb is sought;

3. Take no action on any advice from the OGN until the commencement of the next Council term; and

4. Advise Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Limited accordingly.

SLRS has submitted proposed boundaries for the suburb. It is standard practice required by OGN that Council obtains ratepayer input on the boundaries of the proposed suburb to ascertain each ratepayer’s position regarding being located within a new suburb. Council will proceed with this process. The result of the survey may lead to the draft boundaries being adjusted.

When the results of the survey on boundaries are known, the further steps will be taken by City of Wyndham and Office of Geographic Names.

On 31st July 2017, SLRS was advised that a new 3-person staff team has been appointed by Wyndham to progress naming matters in Wyndham including the suburb name for Sanctuary Lakes. 

On 14th August 2017, two members of the Wyndham team visited Sanctuary Lakes to become familiar with the site and review likely boundaries for the suburb of Sanctuary Lakes.  Progress may be slow but the matter is being progressed.

Updated 15th August 2017