Saturday, 26th May 2018

Dogs Off Lead Areas

All matters regarding policy and regulation of pets within Sanctuary Lakes are the responsibility of Wyndham City Council.

There are no areas within Sanctuary Lakes where dogs are allowed off leads.  Dogs must be on leads at all times when in the streets and parks at Sanctuary Lakes.  The Sanctuary Lakes Rules are consistent with the Wyndham City Council regulations.

The nearest "dogs off leads" area provided by Wyndham City Council is the Saltwater Dog Park at Saltwater Reserve, adjoining the southern boundary of Sanctuary Lakes and accessed from Point Cook Road.

  • The Saltwater Reserve Dog Park is fully enclosed and allows dogs to run and exercise off the lead.
  • It is at least the size of five tennis courts at 2,731 square metres.
  • Access is via the tennis court car park off Saltwater Promenade or off Middleton Drive.

The Wyndham City Council website provides information on a number of matters concerning pets at The website includes the Council’s Dogs off Leads policy and the location of other Dogs off Leads sites within the City of Wyndham.

Hobsons Bay Council also provides areas for exercising dogs off leads.  Details are at