Saturday, 26th May 2018

ARC & Asset Protection Bonds

  1. 1.  Asset Protection Bond - overview

    An Asset Protection Bond must be paid as part of the application process when constructing a home at Sanctuary Lakes. 

    2.   Asset Protection Bond - form for applications and refunds

    Attached is the Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services combined form outlining information on the Asset Bond as well as details needed for payment of the bond and return of the bond.
    pdfClick here for the combined form

This application form can be used for both an application with payment and also for an application for refund.  Please only complete the section that is applicable.

The following needs to be completed and submitted with the application form for Asset Protection Bonds:

  • Section 1: Property Details
  • Section 2: Builder Details
  • Section 3: Bond Payment
  • Section 5: Applicant's Authority
  • The Asset Bond Payment is generally $1,500 per house / unit where a registered builder is involved and $2,500 per house / unit for any owner builder.  Please confirm all bond payments with SLRS.
  • All pre-commencement reports/ photos must be submitted to Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services by email or mail prior to construction commencing. 

The following needs to be completed and submitted along with the request for Asset Bond Refund:

  • Section 1:  Property Details
  • Section 4:  Bond Return
  • Section 5:  Applicant's Authority

Applications that are submitted incorrectly will not be accepted. Ensure there is a separate application submitted for each individual lot / property.